The Making of the Short Film: Entanglement

Dian Amar

I am adapting R.F. Mechelke’s short story, Entanglement, into a short film.

I will be chronicling the making of the film from this blog. I am very excited and cannot wait to share the process of filmmaking.

From the blog

October 26, 2021

I am excited to report I expect to finalize the screenplay for Entanglement by the end of October. While I was on vacation visiting family in Mexico, I received great feedback from a friend who is a very experienced film maker.

I hope to begin production of the short film next month. I will be posting pictures from the set and share this amazing experience.

The short film is based on R.F. Mechelke’s short story, Entanglement, which was recently accepted to be published by the Willows Wept Review.

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I am a musician and a storyteller. I have performed in festivals, art exhibits, and museums around the USA and Mexico including a performance at the Museo de Arte Octavio Ocampo in 2019. In 2017, I collaborated musically on the award-winning film A Place to Be, and on Remember Our Days. I have been honored by recognition in screenwriting contests of the horror and fantasy genre.  As a strong believer in music as therapy, I enjoy performing at local nursing homes, spiritual retreats, and anywhere my heart leads me.

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