Muraya Ranieri

R.F. Mechelke’s Stories Voiced By Muraya Ranieri

Passengers Journal– Voice Actor

Muraya Ranieri’s Voice Work with Passengers Journal

Muraya Ranieri, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA, is a Filipino American singer and actor.  She started performing at 4 years old and at the age of 12 became lead singer for her first rock band.

Her love for voice acting and reading started in elementary school.  Her class loved hearing her read out loud.  From there, she started recording stories and acting out characters with her brother (pre-cosplay).

In addition to music and acting, she started professional voice recordings for Fortune 500 companies phone greetings and voice prompts at the age of 20.  This led to voicing comic book characters, anime characters and internet infomercials.

Today, in addition to remaining active musically, she continues story readings, voice acting, and enjoys reading outloud to an audience.

She is currently available for voice over and audio book projects.


Phone: 510-219-4035

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