August 2, 2019

I occasionally get to work from home, thanks to modern technology. I love being outdoors. I have an explorer’s spirit. When I was a kid, after moving to a new neighborhood (which happened often), I was compelled to explore with my bike. I still love to explore with my bike. I am thankful I was able to play in woods, in creeks and build tree houses at what I think are the perfect ages for such things, 10 and 11. I am also thankful my children had similar experiences. These are things I think about as I have my morning cup of coffee on our patio. The vegetable garden in the background and our fruit trees (peach, plum and cherry) keep me grounded to an earth that is a wonderful gift.

September 9, 2019

Dino Car. John Irving captured the essence of passion in a line from his novel, The Hotel New Hampshire, where the grandfather said to his grandson while lifting weights (and I paraphrase), ‘You have to get obsessed and stay obsessed.’ When I look at the Dino Car above, I see a person who has a passion for something. And that is good thing. In a world dominated by smart phones and social media, passion seems to be a rare thing. I imagine the person who drives Dino Car as a budding paleontologist, on a journey to discover the next amazing dinosaur find that will change everything, and I will have the good fortune to read about one day. Until then, stay obsessed.

December 10, 2019

Some of my most fondest memories are from the time my parents rented the old family house on Hunter Dairy in Charlotte, North Carolina. We lived there when I was 3 and 4 years old. I would hold my sister’s hand, and we would explore the farm, watching the chickens and searching for the pigs. We had pecan and peach trees in our yard, and I suppose this experience influenced my desire to have similar trees in my yard.

I loved sitting on the porch with my parents, and I will never forget hearing the sound of a calling whip-poor-will for the first time. We were poor, but life on that farm was magical.

April 19, 2020

The Land of the Morning CalmThe Land of the Morning Calm

More years ago than I care to mention, I spent 14 months in Seoul, S. Korea. I didn’t expect to find a modern city, but I did. It had not been that long since the ending of the Korean War, but in that short time, South Korea had grown so much. I think more than anyone thought possible. And with rapid growth comes some growing pains. It has been quite a few years since I left South Korea, but it always with me. The friendships, the experiences, the sights and sounds still echo through time in my brain. I am in awe of the people of Korea.

The Korean people call the United States, Mee-Kuk (미국), which means Beautiful Nation. Their’s is the only written language developed by scholars, and unlike its largest neighbor, China, the Korean alphabet is phonetic, just as the English alphabet. The Korean alphabet has 24 letters:
미 (M ee) 국 (K u k). The Korean King at the time, wanted an alphabet and a means for communication for the masses.

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